Let’s learn more about virtual office

You may have made a very important decision to start a business in the Netherlands. This is what many brave entrepreneurs do today.

It is important to understand one point here: any commercial company that will operate in the territory of the Dutch state will need an address for registration. There are specialized organizations that can offer several interesting, adequate solutions.

You will be able to receive cheap business address, if you use the «virtual office» service. This solution is suitable for any individual needs.

It is not uncommon for customers of specialized companies to be interested in advanced services. This often includes answering the phone, providing conference rooms. Yes, and the legal address will be registered for you, so as not to distract directly from business tasks.

Why do many business owners choose virtual office in Holland? Because in this way they have the opportunity to demonstrate to everyone their presence in the local market. The costs will be minimal. Open your office in Amsterdam wherever you want.

Some features of the «virtual address»

You may be surprised, but this term is not expressly defined by local law. But you can’t do without the address of the registered office. This is true for individual businesses and even for cooperatives.

What is a virtual office address? This is just a legal address that an individual entrepreneur (legal entity) needs. Such entrepreneurs need to receive important documents. But at the same time, they do not have to really rent an office.

The address you’ll have is good enough for the trade register. And the Dutch tax authorities will not mind. Mail delivery becomes possible immediately.

Many entrepreneurs think this way: where the main activity is carried out, there should be a registered address. However, in practice, everything can be different. The most important thing is the presence of a dedicated desk or office for business.

There is also such an option as using the address of residence. True, not everyone wants to report where their house is located.

In some cases, entrepreneurs need to update the business address that is on the commercial register. Contact a specialized company if you want to go through an accelerated registration. This will save a lot of time. Also, do not forget about the full secretarial support. In addition, an updated extract in English with an apostille is provided.

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